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  • Full Access To All Courses

  • 4M Property Success Method

  • The Code of Reaching Excellence

  • Full Access to The Marketing Vault

Growing Your Business Has Never Been So Simple!

How I Used This Simple 4 Step System To Build A £4.5 Million Property Portfolio In 18 Months

An ever-growing library of courses and training cover all aspects of property and'll never be stuck again! 

Monthly LIVE coaching packed full with the most up to date strategies and techniques being used by the top investors right now! 

Community and support at your finger tips so that your questions never go unanswered!

Unmatched networking opportunities with other entrprenuers and business owners

We Have 6 Core Courses In Our Academy

Implementation & Execution

Maverick Millioniare Mindset

4 M Property System

NLP Mastery Program

Ultimate Peak Performance

 Marketing Sales Funnels

Dive Into Our Archive of Training Courses

Discover The Code of Reaching Excellence

Do you feel like you're doing everything right but not getting anywhere? You're missing something crucial. Success is 90% about knowing how to get stuff done. Get ready to transform your results with

The Code of Reaching Excellence.



(Normally £5995 - Included In Membership)

4M Property Success System

This is a proven system and my business model for rapidly growing a profitable property business.





(Normally £5000 - Included In Membership)

Ultimate Peak Performance

This is all about the daily habits, systems, and processes to 10X your results fast and eliminate stress and overwhelm.





(Normally £5995 - Included In Membership)

Maverick Millionaire Mindset

The Maverick Millionaire Mindset Program will help you remove limiting beliefs and core wounds that affect your self-worth and net worth. This powerful program will help you to level up your health, wealth, and happiness.


(Normally £5000 - Included In Membership)

NLP Mastery Program

Learn the art of influence and negotiation with our NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Mastery Program and increase sales and influence in all parts of life.





(Normally £5000 - Included In Membership)

Marketing Sales Funnels

Where the heck are people finding all these deals? They all have a rock solid method for getting in a ton of leads. Do that and you get your choice of the most profitable deals around. We'll show you how.





(Normally £7500 - Included In Membership)

Unrivalled Bonuses!

The Latest Know-How

Proven Blueprints

World Class Coaching

Unlimited Access To Online Courses

Have you got gaps in your knowledge about how to make big money in property? Don't worry, we've got you covered! You'll get access to a set of unique courses, with content that most gurus tuck away behind paywalls. You can learn about everything from getting leads and finance, to structuring deals and running a successful property business. If you've ever had a question about how to do something in property, you'll almost certainly find the answers here.

Reaching Excellence Academy App

Community and support has been SO important in my journey to success.

That's why I've create the most valuable, engaged Mastermind groups for our


  • Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs every single day!

  • Ask questions and get answers from experts in your industry.

  • Akhtar and his team will be in this group.

  • Live Zoom Calls in the group from Akhtar and the key members of his tribe.

  • Featured Member of the month


  • We celebrate the success of our members in the group!

Monthly 'Ask Me Anything' With Akhtar

Every 2 weeks we'll have a dedicated live call for all our members to submit

questions and have Akhtar answer them. No question will be too big or too small

for Akhtar to tackle! These calls have the potential shape your business'

 with strategic and unique insights from Akhtar himself.


LIVE Monthly 'What's Working

Now' Calls

You can ignore everything else in this package, just these monthly calls alone

are going to be well worth the investment of joining. Every month, I'll be

sharing with you what we are doing, the latest strategies and direct to vendor marketing we've been using, what's working and what's not. I'll also do regular Q&A at the

end, plus my team and the occasional special guest will be jumping on to

share unique, groundbreaking intel! 

What's it like to work with us?

Elliot Hughes


"Working with Akhtar is a completely different experience, which helped me do more JV's and deals."

Dan Simmons


"Akhtar helped me to change my mindset and find deals that were right in front of me the whole time."

Wayne Farmer


"Working with Akhtar helped me go from failed rent to rent to a £250k development deal."

Cliff Moore


"Two deals in two weeks."

Tony & Angela Egan


"£200k on their first development."

Nick Bailey


"Akhtar coached me to see things that I couldn't, which really helped me to nail my goals."

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(£9,995 now + £5,000 in 30 days)

or initial payment of £8,000 plus 
4 monthly  payments of £2,500

  Access to All Courses

  4M Property Success Method

 The Code of Reaching Excellence

  Full Access To The Marketing Vault

  Online Workshops with Experts

  Weekly Coaching calls

   Business Buying Course



Our most popular plan


or initial payment of £2,495 plus 
4 monthly  payments of £1,175


  Access to All Courses

  4M Property Success Method

  The Code of Reaching Excellence

  Full Access To The Marketing Vault

  Online Workshops with Experts

  Weekly Coaching calls

Business Buying Course




or initial payment of £2,500 plus 
2 monthly  payments of £850


Access to All Courses

  4M Property Success Method

 The Code of Reaching Excellence

  Full Access To The Marketing Vault

  Online Workshops with Experts

  Weekly Coaching calls

Business Buying Course

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